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"​'Life itself is the real yoga practice- every way in which you carry your body is a yoga posture, if its held in Awareness.."JKZ.​
Restore & replenish the nervous & respiratory systems with this 30 mins Gentle floor Practice- 
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"Capture that Pause, lightly close the eyes over, take those 4 mindful breaths & open to vividly see what is ahead of you.- Open to the 'Wonder Senses' let the feel, touch & sound revitalize & energize our Human Zest once more- 
as with heart, mind & body we live another day - fully Awake & Aware of our part.". 
<![CDATA[Smile ... even though your sense of isolation is mounting...." It's Always Mindfulness O'Clock!"]]>Mon, 20 Apr 2020 16:21:32 GMThttp://mindfulnesswise.ie/just-thoughts/smile-even-though-your-sense-of-isolation-is-mounting-its-always-mindfulness-oclockPicture
 It is so important after all our shared commitments, inspiring compassion & nationwide efforts that we don't fall into default- complacent mode!  As I awoke today a little weary because as a Principal I sorely missed our lovely little school & its incredible boys and girls , yet I felt a smile  brighten my sore expression & then It just hit me - yes we are definitely united all doing our upmost to protect the most vulnerable throughout this awful pandemic but it is also about these little 4 & 5 year olds who eternally copy our ways, absorbing what we do not what we say! And with heart, I truly believe when we look back that we can say 'Yes we tried, Yes we came together, Yes we faced the reality & Yes we  responded rather than reacted!' That to me is complete mindful thought. No approach is perfect, but some are simply more compassionate, more inclusive & more mindful than others. So I felt I needed to remind myself that hey Nicki "It's Always Mindfulness O'Clock!" 

​Keep Safe, Healthy & Sane everyone.

The Irish Sunshine (perhaps because it is rare enough) seems to revitalize & help us restores our zest  & hope especially during these Covid 19 times- If you like why not take 15 mins downtime to try this little visualization- " Capture- the -Sunsoundcloud.com/user-83990243
Roundwood Co. Wicklow